Add Instant Credibility to Your Website

One of the main reasons a potential client or customer leaves your website without converting is TRUST. Not that your company isn’t great, but they simply don’t know you yet. Getting your company seen on affiliates of these major networks will automatically help build instant trust from your website visitors and turn into more conversions!


How it Works

Step 1

Once you sign up, we use the information on your website and/or any additional information you’d like to add, and write a professional and exciting press release about your company.

Step 2

Once you approve your press release, we will then distribute your press release to over 500 news network websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

Step 3

We will send you or your website developer high resolution ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX logos so you can place “AS SEEN ON ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX on your website!

Step 4

We write a brand new press release every 6 months to make sure your article stays fresh and in the public eye!


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